It has been observed that the Transmission Line used for power evacuation is not given due importance in design resulting in over or under design. The Transmission Line design is a time consuming iterative process.
Considering this need of the industry, POET Consultants have developed in-house software OHTL CADD for the design of Transmission Lines up to 400kV to offer cost effective solutions. This software optimises the Tangent Point Locations and Tower Heights for Tower Spotting and Optimisation, and Generating Plan & Elevation Drawing for the Overhead Line. In addition, BOQ from route survey data and all reports pertaining to Sag Tension and Clearances are generated by the software.
Even to workout various configurations/ cost optimisation, etc., it takes lot of engineering hours. Considering all these limitations of manual design process, we have developed our software to carry out all the required calculations giving the customer:
Complete Bill Of Quantities.
Plan and Sectional Drawings.
Construction Drawings for Components & Assemblies.
Sag & Tension Charts for Stringing.
Interference checks for meeting statutory requirements.
The input to the program is the survey data. The program calculates interference checks, ground clearances at every meter interval and generates the drawings, BOM, etc., in line with the latest IS codes, REC and CBIP norms. Customers get benefited by way of optimised design of the Transmission Lines, with minimum overall capital & running cost.