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POET Consultants offer specialised services in the field of Power System Studies. Every new load, upgrade, extension, and reconfiguration of an existing network can create unexpected stresses and interactions as the original power system has not been designed. Power System Studies provide information that allows us to understand the root of present or future power system problems and to make correct assessment in planning upgrades or extensions in your power system, which leads to reduced operating costs, increased availability and minimized equipment or system failure.
Our Power System Studies are always tailored to your needs. They are aimed at analyzing the operation of your power system during normal conditions and in fault situations by using one or several of the studies mentioned above. In this way our power system studies enable you to take the correct actions in optimizing the design, function and operation of your protection and control system.
The short-circuit and coordination studies will be conducted under the supervision and approval of a registered professional electrical engineer skilled in performing and interpreting the power system studies. The registered professional electrical engineer will be a full-time employee of POET Consultants. The field engineering service division can administer the Power System Studies, including acceptance and start-up testing. Equipment and component titles used in the studies shall be identical to the equipment and component titles shown on the customerís one-line drawings. The power system studies will be performed with the aid of a digital computer program and will be in accordance with the latest applicable IEEE.
These studies cover Planning, Engineering, Economical Aspects of Power System Studies and uses appropriate Static, Dynamic or Transient study models for power systems.
These are not only limited to the following:
Short Circuit Study
Load Flow Study
Transient Stability Study
Dynamic Stability Study
Switching Surge Over Voltage Study
Harmonic Analysis
Load Shedding Analysis
Relay Coordination
Distribution System Studies
Insulation Co-Ordination
Energy Audits
Failure Analysis
Loss And Regulation Studies For Distribution Systems
We have carried out these studies for various clients in different segments like Steel, Power, Sugar, Utility, Paper and Textile.
In addition to these system studies, we are specialised in providing services for power sector reform studies. Briefly we can provide services regarding Power Demand Forecast, Tariff, Generation, Expansion Schemes, T&D Regulation, Technology etc.