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POET Consultants have extensive experience on a variety of industries including Paper, Sugar, Polymer and Refinery Co-Gen Plants. We have experience in this field from the DPR stage to Final Commissioning of the plant. The type of fuel handled includes Bagasse, Black Liquor, Cotton Stalk and Coal.
Basic studies are carried out to investigate the techno economic feasibility of various alternatives to arrive at the most optiomal system for the proposed project. The key parameters in the selection of optimal system are Safety, Reliability, O & M, Environmental; impact and cost.
We provide Design, Engineering, Consulting, Rehabilitation and Expansion of Existing Plants, operation & maintenance training services for complete plant consisting of:
Selection of Technology
Sizing of Boiler and Turbine
Fuel Handling System
Ash Handling System
Lube Oil System
Piping System
Generator and other equipment sizing
Plant Power Evacuation
Plant Auxiliary Systems