Posted on 01 January, 2013
New Year Celebration 2013
A very warm welcome was given to the New Year 2013 and was celebrated with full enthusiasm. The events included New Year Resolution for POET from our MD, Mr. R. Venkatadri. Prayer song was sung by Mr. S. Panduranga followed by Cutting the cake by Mr. R.Venkatadri, and bursting of balloons with celebration gaga, All POETians announce their New Year Resolution.
Memory game was arranged in which a list of items were showcased on the table in an isolated room, where each employee was given a sufficient fixed time to glance at the items displayed. Employees were asked to memorise all the items and List it out on the sheet of paper provided. The employee who listed the maximum number of items was identified and awarded prize.
Finally, a secret gift event was held in which all POETians were asked to bring a packed gift of their choice without any address card on the package. The gifts were dropped in a baggage and kept at an isolated room. The secret gift was issued to POETians by our MD by randomly picking up a gift from the bag. The nature & value of the gift was at the discretion of the POETians.