Posted on 21 September, 2012
International Day of Peace
“International day of Peace” is unofficially known as “World Peace Day” and is celebrated worldwide on 21st of September every year. United Nations first celebrated it in 1982. In New York City they inaugurate the day with a “Peace Bell” which is rung at United Nation head quarters at 12 Noon, at this time people all over the world should stand up and maintain silence for a minute to support international day of peace.
Some celebrate this day by organizing a peace walk, singing a peace song, having a group meeting, etc. POET celebrated International Peace day on 22nd of September, 2012 by coming together for one hour and sharing their wonderful innermost views on “what does peace mean to me”. Each POETIAN wore a dress which had white as part of the dress. White symbolizes PEACE. It was a good event and the time went by peacefully. Mrs. Geeta Venkatadri was the solo judge of all the written views and selected the POETian who expressed the best thought about peace. The winner was Mr. Boriah Gowda. He was awarded a cash prize on the occasion.