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We have executed around 400 Live Projects and our first of its kind are listed below:
2011 Detailed Engineering of the first Mega (560 MW) Solar Power Park Project for Gujarat Power Co. Ltd., through E. I. Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and New Honeywell Engineering Services.
2010 First 400kV Switchyard Design Calculation And Layouts for 2 X 660 MW Bhavanapadu Thermal Power Station for Parsons Brinkerhoff India Pvt Ltd.,
2010 First Value Engineering for McKinsey & Co. for Cost Reduction of TG package for 110cr to 100cr for 2 X 660 MW EMCO Power Project.
2009 Detailed Engineering for first Early Development Facility for Precision Engineering Co., Oman.
2009 Basic Study for selection of 690 V System for JK Paper Mills.
2008 First Transmission Line Design Engineering export project for Eleme Petrochemicals Ltd., Nigeria.
2008 Detailed Engineering of the first Floating Platform & Storage and Off Loading Facility (FPSO) for Oiltech Engineering, Dubai.
2007 Detailed Engineering of major plant expansion for the first time for Printing and Packaging factory of ITC PPD TVT.
2007 Detailed Engineering of the first Green Field automobile manufacturing plant for Toyota Kirloskar Motors.
2007 Detailed Engineering of the first Static UPS for whole plant for ITC Filtrona Ltd.
2006 Detailed Engineering of the first Personal Care products division factory for ITC Haridwar.
2006 Detailed Engineering of the first Green Field Cigarette manufacturing plant for ITC ITD Project West Side Pune.
2006 Detailed Engineering of the first Brown Field Cigarette manufacturing plant for ITC ITD, Project Phoenix, Kolkata.
2006 Detailed Engineering of first Water and Sewerage Pumping station at Libya for Semac Pvt Ltd.
2006 Detailed Engineering of the first Rotary UPS for ITC LTD Munger.
2006 Detailed Engineering of the first Paper Plant for Sirpur Paper Mill Ltd.,
2005 Detailed Engineering of the first Wind Farm Project at Karnataka (11* 0.8MW) - Internal & External Substation and Transmission lines.
2005 Detailed engineering of a first Cold Storage Plant.
2004 First 110kV Transmission Line Design Engineering with towers for Bhoruka Power Corporation Ltd., for Chayadevi MHS 2 X 12 MW.
In-house OHTL Software upgraded to include Tower Lines.
2003 Developed In-house software for Insulation Coordination Studies and executed the first order for VA Tech Reyrolle Ltd., Abudhabi.
2003 Detailed Engineering of the first STG Captive Power Plant of 25 MW for Khanna Paper Mills.
2002 First Pre-bid Engineering service for GE Power Controls for 400 MW Parbathi Hydro Electric Project.
2001 Dynamic Compensation introduced for the first time in Toyota Kirloskar Motors with development of In-house software for optimization of fixed and dynamic compensation (STATCON) for highly variable power factor loads.
2001 First Transmission Line Detailed Engineering with poles for Bhoruka Power Ltd., Shahpur 11kV & Sanapur 33kV.
In-house OHTL Software developed for optimization of tower spotting and computer generation of plan and elevation drawings.
2001 First Substation Detailed Engineering - 33kV Substation for KMS Power Ltd.
2001 First Fire Safety Up Gradation work for Mysore Sales International Ltd., Air Cargo Complex at Bangalore Airport.
2000 In-house Software for interpretation of Transformer Dissolved Gas Analysis results developed and applied for ITC PPD and Coromandel Fertilizers Projects.
2000 First Power System Study Report for Malavalli Power Plant.
1999 First Failure Investigation Report on 6.3 MW Steam Turbine unit for Triveni Engineering and Industries Ltd. Bangalore
1999 First DPR for Renovation & Modernisation of Thermal Power Plant in collaboration with CPRI for Bhatinda Unit 1 & 2 – 110 MW Units.
1999 First Green Field Industrial Project - Design Engineering for ITC–ABD, Guntur for Chirala Line 3 & 4 plants.
1998 First Export Order - Deputation of Commissioning Engineer to Al Hassan Trading & Contracting Co. Ltd., Sultanate of Oman.
1998 First Mini Hydro Power Plant Detailed Engineering for Murudeshwar Power Corp. Ltd. - 2 X 5.54 MW.
1997 First Corporate Training Program for ITC Kolkata.
POET thanks all our above customers for reposing their faith in us.