Vision & Mission
Core Values & Beliefs
POET’s Milestones
Leadership Team
We Value Our Customer
Our customers are the very purpose of our existence and we shall engineer our internal processes on a continuous basis including the safety & government regulations to provide to our Customers, agile response, on time delivery of quality services and ensure Customer Delight.
We Value Innovation & Creativity
At POET, innovation is essential to create solutions aimed at increasing end-user productivity and profitability. We shall develop and use breakthrough ideas to create solutions that bring real value to the customer and deliver enhanced financial returns to the customer. We also believe in innovation & creativity potential of our Human Resources and shall provide an energized work environment that nurtures accountability, mutual admiration & respect, promotes team work & collaboration, integrity & honesty. We believe in providing continuous learning & development opportunities to our employees so that our Human Resources are well equipped to deal with any eventualities.
We Value Truth & Business Ethics
We shall be relentless in uncovering and sharing the truth and being honest with ourselves, our co-workers, our superiors, all other POET stakeholders and the community at large. We believe in maintaining the highest standards of professional and ethical practices & shall conduct all business activities in a manner that is lawful and fair, with the highest level of integrity with our people, our clients, other stakeholders and our communities.
We Value Entrepreneurial Spirits
We shall maintain a work culture that values originality, invention and creativity, and nurtures these qualities through openness and reverence for the entrepreneurial spirit.
We Value & Accept Permanency of Change
We shall make all efforts to embrace change and engineer our internal processes & align the Human Resources to effectively handle change.